Sausage factory
Sausage factory

Sausage factory

The growing demand for quality cured meats has led this company to acquire its own “salumificio”. A new structure where the wisdom of old local traditions goes perfectly with new technologies and advanced machinery. The lab, in compliance with EEC legislation, expands the offering with a wide range of typical products, expressing the business philosophy which can be summed up in the words: tradition, experience and technology. The brand “Salumi della Garfagnana” is the ultimate expression of an art that is rooted in the best traditions of Tuscan pork.


Sheltered by the Alps and the Apennines, this valley in the past turned its relative isolation into a strength, being able to preserve many traditions, especially in the food and wine sector. A hard earth, inhabited by tenacious people who knew how to get the best from the wild, Garfagnana is today known for its many quality productions, boasting many PGIs (such as “Farro”, Spelt from Garfagnana), DOP (such as chestnut flour, here called “neccio”) and Slow Food (such as Biroldo). The Pioli family, for three generations, has worked in this context and has always been attentive to the respect and promotion of local production.


Garfagnana cheeses

All Garfagnana's cheese-making tradition is best expressed in our cheese line. Aged and semi-aged goat's and sheep's cheeses ready to be enjoyed with jams, honey and mustard.

Magna Cum Laude

Under the brand Magna cum laude, Pioli Meats identifies only products that are first class in every respect. The brand Magna cum laude, an exclusive brand of Pioli Carni, represents the best of our selections.

Salumi della Garfagnana

From our handcrafted sausage factory we offer the utmost expression of an art that is rooted in the best traditions of Tuscany.