Lonza di suino farcita

Vitella di latte farcita

Polli ripieni

Cosciotto di tacchino farcito

Hamburger farciti

Hamburger farciti di vitello, bovino e suino.

Pezzattura 120 g

Sausage factory

The growing demand for quality cured meats has led this company to acquire its own “salumificio”. A new structure where the wisdom of old local traditions goes perfectly with new technologies and advanced machinery. The lab, in compliance with EEC legislation, expands the offering with a wide range of typical products, expressing the business philosophy which can be summed up in the words: tradition, experience and technology. The brand “Salumi della Garfagnana” is the ultimate expression of an art that is rooted in the best traditions of Tuscan pork.


The company Pioli Carni uses its own expertise to provide the correct butchery of pigs and cattle, continually seeking suppliers of top grade meats. The experience gained in selecting the best products (meats, cold cuts and cheeses) now makes it possible to satisfy any request, whether it be in the retail or wholesale market. Pioli Meats is also specialized in supplying the catering industry. In addition to top grade meats of all kinds, it offers a wide selection of prepared foods of the highest quality, ideal in complementing any menu with a touch of originality.

Experience and quality

The Pioli family has gained experience in selecting the best supply chains, working together with industry experts and continuously investing in the search for top grade meats. One of their greatest pride is heifer meat. It is named after the young female cow that has not yet produced a calf.