The company Pioli Carni uses its own expertise to provide the correct butchery of pigs and cattle, continually seeking suppliers of top grade meats. The experience gained in selecting the best products (meats, cold cuts and cheeses) now makes it possible to satisfy any request, whether it be in the retail or wholesale market. Pioli Meats is also specialized in supplying the catering industry. In addition to top grade meats of all kinds, it offers a wide selection of prepared foods of the highest quality, ideal in complementing any menu with a touch of originality.

Generations of Lovers of Taste

In Pieve Fosciana, in the heart of Garfagnana, three generations of the Pioli family have been responsible for sales of meats, cold cuts and cheeses. Piero Pioli begins his business in 1945, working with firsthand experience both in butchery and marketing and immediately distinguishes himself for the quality of his products. The family business grows quickly, initially with his son followed by the grandchildren. Today it reaches 30 employees, some of whom have worked in the company for over 40 years.


Garfagnana cheeses

All Garfagnana's cheese-making tradition is best expressed in our cheese line. Aged and semi-aged goat's and sheep's cheeses ready to be enjoyed with jams, honey and mustard.

Magna Cum Laude

Under the brand Magna cum laude, Pioli Meats identifies only products that are first class in every respect. The brand Magna cum laude, an exclusive brand of Pioli Carni, represents the best of our selections.

Salumi della Garfagnana

From our handcrafted sausage factory we offer the utmost expression of an art that is rooted in the best traditions of Tuscany.