Experience and quality
Experience and quality

Experience and quality

The Pioli family has gained experience in selecting the best supply chains, working together with industry experts and continuously investing in the search for top grade meats. One of their greatest pride is heifer meat. It is named after the young female cow that has not yet produced a calf.

Top grade meats

Its key features are few, but important:


Animales must have taken their rightful path of growth, not less than 14 months, having reached a good level of muscular development, which is essential to ensure the quality of the meat.


The cut must have small streaks of fat that melt while cooking, keeping the tenderness of the meat and making the flavour stand out.


However, not satisfied with this, Pioli Carni requires an additional feature.

The traditional hanging methods produce anomalies in terms of both smell and taste. Even the Dry Aging method (inherited from the United States) is problematic in that the low level of humidity during the process deprives the meat of its natural juiciness. Pioli Carni, after years of research, has identified a new system to avoid these negative occurrences. In this revolutionary and secret method, named Tender Aging, the meat is hung in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, bringing it to its maximum tenderness without altering its most important features, such as flavour and juiciness.


Garfagnana cheeses

All Garfagnana's cheese-making tradition is best expressed in our cheese line. Aged and semi-aged goat's and sheep's cheeses ready to be enjoyed with jams, honey and mustard.

Magna Cum Laude

Under the brand Magna cum laude, Pioli Meats identifies only products that are first class in every respect. The brand Magna cum laude, an exclusive brand of Pioli Carni, represents the best of our selections.

Salumi della Garfagnana

From our handcrafted sausage factory we offer the utmost expression of an art that is rooted in the best traditions of Tuscany.